There are many different theater spaces in New York, of all sizes, shapes and styles. From the largest Broadway stage to the smallest black box studio, you can find a theater space to meet your needs. Theater venues can be used for film and video screenings, corporate presentations, panel discussions and lectures, in addition to plays and music or dance performances. Depending on the layout of the space and the requirements of the event, a theater may also be very well suited to build out a fashion show or a product launch.

Generally, theater spaces will be equipped with lighting and sound equipment (often video projection capability as well), and will usually have their own in-house technical crew available to operate the boards during shows. Typically, theater venues are also amenable to on-site set construction or other methods of transforming the space to the needs of the event.

Certain kinds of events benefit from having the ability to move guests from one space to another over the course of your event. Of particular interest may be venues that feature both a theater space as well as another, additional space suitable for a reception.

Another thing to look for in a theater venue is whether or not they provide wi-fi service. These days, many performance events and major product launches are reviewed by bloggers who post their comments as live feeds during the event itself. This is particularly helpful if your event is product driven, such as the launching of a new brand or fashion line. If you are videotaping a performance, then it’s also a great bonus to be able to share the live footage with remote viewers online.

When exploring our listing of theater spaces on, make sure to carefully peruse the technical amenities each venue provides, so you can have everything you need to produce your event without a hitch!

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