Outdoor Spaces as Special Event Venues

Holding a special event at an outdoor space provides a unique opportunity to combine natural elements with the modern amenities of select special event venues. Outdoor spaces can include anything from a botanical garden to a boardwalk dining area with a lovely view or a private garden dining area or even an athletic facility or beach.

There is nothing quite like outdoor dining.  As part of the northeast, New York out of doors is especially pleasant during the spring and fall, when temperatures are less extreme, and nature treats us to its most delightful shows. The blooming of spring flowers can create a particular kind of innocent joy that requires no explanation. Perhaps that’s why so many people get married in June!  Gardens of all kinds make wonderful event venues in the spring. Likewise, the fall foliage can provide a breathtaking and dramatic natural backdrop to almost any event.

In New York City, there are many hidden outdoor spaces such as enclosed restaurant dining areas tucked away in private courtyards, providing a level of romance and intimacy quite distinct from indoor spaces.

When choosing an outdoor space for your special event, one of the main considerations needs to be weather.  Unless the area has some sort of all weather protection such as a tent or retractable roof, your event will be subject to the whims of nature.  When planning something special at one of the outdoor event venues you’ll find listed at eventwist, always plan in accordance with the seasons, and have a well thought out back-up plan, just in case of inclement weather!

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

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